Jun 2018 Portfolio Update

Key changes for the quarter: (Bought) Company Bought Price JD.com $40.13 Hypebeast $0.60 (Sold) Company Bought Price Sold Price Goldpac $2.40 $2.40 SATS $4.77 $5.20 Sealink Travel Group Ltd $4.04 $4.00 Comments: Sunningdale This company has been on my selling list since a few months ago. Just when I was about to sell, it reported … Continue reading Jun 2018 Portfolio Update


Reinvestment & Widening Moat

In the world of investing, moat refers to the competitive advantage a company has that keep its competitors away. A few of these moats that i have came across are: Intangible assets like brand, patents, licenses Switching cost for its customer Network effect Cost advantage through economies of scale But have you ever wonder if … Continue reading Reinvestment & Widening Moat

Best World International Limited

[SGX: CGN] Type: Fast Grower Business Description: Premium skincare, health supplements and other nutritional products Market Cap: $720 million SGD Thesis: Direct Selling is an effective model for BWL Conversion from Export to Direct Selling model will improve BWL margins Fast growing market in China for at least the next three to five years   What … Continue reading Best World International Limited